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Putting the Magic of Music in Your Hands - What I Teach

You pick the instrument and the setting. Choose the environment in which you learn best, and I’ll take care of the rest. I’ve spent years honing the art of teaching ukulele and guitar lessons both in-person and online.  Whether you’d like to learn together in your living room, or through the screen, I guarantee we can create musical magic. Choose what you’re most interested in learning below and find out what it takes to begin your journey.

guitar lessons at home

How to Play Guitar

You'll have a blast diving into one of the world's most popular instruments.

How to Play Ukulele

The small-but-mighty ukulele charms musicians & audiences alike.

The Principles of Music Theory

Discover the building blocks of music, from keys to scales, intervals to chords, and more.

College Park Guitar Lessons

What I'm Building and What I Believe

My mission is to cultivate thriving musicians through ukulele, guitar, and music theory lessons that are infused with passion, curiosity, and exploration in an inviting, encouraging atmosphere.

My core values are the foundation of College Park Guitar Lessons and are integrated into everything I do. 

  • Embrace curiosity: We harness our curiosity to produce the best outcomes and make the learning process optimally enjoyable. We know that curious learners absorb more information, are more resilient, and find learning more rewarding.
  • Find our own rhythm: We don’t do cookie-cutter curriculum or comparison. Instead, we discover our own rhythm, customize our pathways, and play songs YOU want to play. 
  • Tap into joy: Music lessons should be relaxing and fun, first and foremost. We dig into a reservoir of joy, creativity, and wonder. We always remember that music is both a craft worth mastering and a gift worth celebrating.
  • Maintain a growth mindset: Musicians aren’t made without perseverance and dedication to the art. We stay focused on our progress without giving up, acknowledge our small wins, and courageously tackle the challenges that come our way.

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Ignite a New Hobby, Renew an Old Pastime, or Grow as a Musician with private Ukulele and Guitar Lessons in Orlando

Wishing to expand a child’s love of music?

Craving a meaningful relationship with music yourself?

Eager to pick up an instrument that’s been collecting dust?

At College Park Guitar Lessons, I teach students who want to thoughtfully engage with the joy of music through ukulele and guitar lessons. I follow your curiosity and passions, and develop a learning roadmap that aligns with your goals. Once a week, we meet in person at your home, or virtually — whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Say goodbye to guitar lessons that evoke a sense of dread and hello to relaxing sessions where you can express your creativity while nurturing your skills. I cultivate an inviting learning environment that is driven by your inquisitiveness and your interests. From learning pop songs to country ballads and everything in between, I’ll spend our time together teaching you what you want to learn. 

As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and lifelong music fan, you can bet that whatever musical style resonates with you is something that’s in my wheelhouse. And as a teacher who values their students as individuals first and foremost, I pride myself on leading ukulele and guitar lessons that students actually look forward to

Ready to jam? Let’s get strumming. Have Questions? Drop me a note.

Meet the Teacher - Who I Am

Hi! I’m Jordan. I began playing the piano at the age of eight, drums at the age of eleven, and guitar at the age of thirteen. Once I started, I never looked back! Music has always been my greatest passion and an endless source of joy and fulfillment. As a self-taught musician, I love creating an environment in which my students are free to experiment with new skills as many times and in as many ways as it takes for their unique minds to figure it out.

I want to be your biggest supporter, encourager, and mentor. Think of me as your very own guitar-playing Gandalf (only with fewer gray hairs and no magic staff). No matter your current level of musicianship, I will guide you step-by-step with energy, excitement, and genuine care for your experience.

The official stuff: I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Central Florida and formerly served as a music educator for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL. I am currently a guitarist and percussionist in the Central Florida Community Arts Symphony Orchestra.

Ask me about: Chess, The Lord of The Rings, and my cat Violet.

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Singing Praise

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