Frequently Asked Questions about College Park Guitar Lessons

From Frequency to Pricing to Online Music Lessons, Find the Answers to the Questions We Hear Most Often.

After 15 years of teaching experience (including a stint as a guitar and percussion director at a local high school), I’ve perfected a teaching style that students find both effective and enjoyable. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Central Florida and was a percussion director in Orange County. I’m also a well-rounded guitarist, pianist, percussionist and singer.

Those are the official stats, but here’s what I’m most proud of: I build authentic connections with each one of my students. In fact, almost all of the students I had two years ago before the pandemic, have stayed on with me to continue their growth and level up their musical proficiency.

I have a slightly unconventional teaching philosophy. After meeting with a student during a first lesson, I customize a roadmap based entirely on their proficiency level and what they want to get out of our time together. Often, that’s learning how to jam out to their favorite songs. We start with gaining basic proficiency and then go from there. No matter what, I encourage curiosity, help students conquer their fears, and cultivate connections. To read more about my approach, check out the About the Lessons page. Or head over to the homepage to read our mission and core values.

Your first lesson with me is free — we’ll meet, review your experience level and goals, and I’ll customize a roadmap for you. If we’re a great fit, my pricing structure is affordable and convenient. Each 30-minute virtual lesson (perfect for learners with busy schedules) is $30. Each one-hour virtual lesson (ideal for students who learn best from the comfort of their own homes and prefer to meet virtually) is $50. A 30-minute in-person lesson is $45, while hour-long in-person lessons are $70. For a more detailed breakdown, see our pricing overview.

I’m happy to work with you to develop a cadence that makes sense for you and your ambitions. Contact me so we can figure out a meeting schedule!

I firmly believe that no one is too old to learn a musical instrument. With a little patience, anyone can learn a new pastime that will give them the opportunity to make meaningful progress. And while even toddlers can learn an instrument, I prefer to work with students who are 8 years old and up. I’ve found that at the age of 8, many children become more focused, more diligent, and are better able to decide and articulate for themselves what they’re most interested in learning.

None. Come with a desire to learn guitar, ukulele, and/or music theory, and I’ll take care of the rest. If you do have musical experience, let’s catapult you to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced musician, I’ll work with you to accomplish your goals, whether that involves preparing for a professional musical career, or conquering new songs you’ve always wanted to learn, just for you.

Where do I start? My personality-jammed sessions (pun intended), my customized teaching approach, unique learning philosophy, or the fact that I’ll meet you wherever you prefer: from your living room to your computer screen. I’ll teach you the basics and beyond as you discover the joy of music.

If you live in Orlando, there’s a great chance that I can travel to you for in-home lessons. I currently serve the following areas: Winter Park, Baldwin Park, East Maitland, Thornton Park, College Park and Mills 50. If you don’t live in those areas, virtual lessons are available to students anywhere. Connect with me if you have questions about my service areas.

Absolutely. You can take online lessons from me no matter where you live or travel to. I provide excellent, student-driven musical education to learners in any time zone. If you have Wifi and a drive to learn, we’ll make the harmony happen. From North Carolina to New Mexico to right around the corner in the Lake Eola area, I have several current students who prefer to meet online.

Virtual and in-home lessons are essentially the same. I approach the lessons with the same teaching methods, and build connections with each student, whether in person or online. To offset the costs of travel, the price of in-person lessons is a little bit higher than virtual ones, but still budget-conscious and affordable.

You should have the instrument in hand before our lesson. You can borrow an instrument from a friend or family member, or rent one from a local music store to use during our sessions. If you’re concerned about this, please mention it on our first call so we can work together to find a solution.

I’m happy to meet with you in-person or online for lessons Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 9 pm eastern standard time.

I would love to hear from you! You can contact me through this form and I will get back to you shortly.