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All About Music Theory, Ukulele and Guitar Lessons in Orlando

You pick the instrument and the setting (virtual or in-person). I’ll create a roadmap that helps you reach your goals, whether it’s grasping the basics of music theory, gaining a foundation in ukulele or guitar, or moving on to the next level of proficiency. Choose your adventure:

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Why take private guitar lessons?

guitar lessons at home

Do you relish music that includes guitar solos? Do you envision yourself resting at home after a long day by playing a few riffs? Or do you wish you could impress house guests with an impromptu cover of “Hotel California” (Eagles) or “Love Story” (Taylor Swift). Want to follow your child’s penchant for music by equipping them with lifelong skills? Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, and for good reason. By learning the guitar, you’ll not only be able to play most music, you’ll also boost your appreciation of the tunes you’re fond of listening to. With a relaxed, fun atmosphere, and one dedicated teacher at College Park Guitar Lessons, you’ll make quick progress.

Why learn ukulele?

The ukulele is a small-but-mighty instrument that charms musicians and audiences alike. With four strings and a smaller fretboard, the ukulele is easier to learn than some other instruments. It’s also a joy to play and listen to (cue all the feel-good vibes). Another plus: the ukulele is a smaller instrument that’s easier to handle. After you master three chords, you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs on the uke, captivating your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Download a free Ukulele Songbook

Fill out this form to download a free PDF digital download of a songbook packed with classic songs.

Why learn music theory?

An aspiring musician learns music theory to understand the common language of music. From grasping how music is written to how to interpret musical notes, comprehending the basics of music theory is essential for growing as a strong musician. Like a baker who masters the dynamics of the key ingredients of flour, butter and sugar, a musician dives into the world of keys, scales, intervals, pitch, melody, harmony, and more.

Cultivating Connections One Chord at a Time

My Music Teaching Philosophy

My music teaching philosophy centers around the learner — each of my lessons is customized to the individual student. I am 100% committed to meeting each student where they are, providing an open, collaborative environment, and giving them the freedom to choose what their goals are and what they care about.  Once basic technical principles have been established, we quickly move on to learning whatever songs and styles intrigue the student the most. Whereas other music studios or teachers provide a formulaic curriculum and bring in substitute instructors as needed, I bring consistency and personability. So much of effective teaching is about forging authentic connections before any transfer of knowledge occurs.

I also bring a vast amount of musical expertise since I am a longtime multi-instrumentalist. While I teach guitar, ukulele, and music theory, my knowledge and proficiency at piano and percussion give me an edge in terms of the musical depths to which I can take each student.

Almost all of my students have stayed with me in the past two years, even amidst a pandemic. The best praise I could receive is this: My students say they feel they are valued as human beings before any music gets played.

While I want you to excel technically, what motivates me the most is when you enjoy the process, treat your mistakes with a sense of lightness and humor, and find joy in music.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter curriculum and hello to finding our rhythm, together.